1. 082tails

    him in his half ssj form

Welcome to the Mortalassassin WikiEdit

he's a sayian,he's a jedi,he's the 2nd god of war. He was made to protect the citizens.ment to be survivorassassin.he like to watch tv and fight suckers and stuff and he's awesome at it.And he's a time traveler well,actually more like a crossover traveler because he's goes to different dimensions and worlds like DC universe,star wars,MARVEL universe,scott pilgrim(my favorite),and more. Edit

Latest activityEdit

just fighting some enemies from other worlds and finding other worlds and diffrent dimensions and never give up he just keeps on going and going.


You think mortalassassin/surivorassassin works alone like batman WRONG! He has allies like Dark the ssj darkness hedgehog (was sonic the hedgehog),Goku his father i know right,Tails his little adopted bro,Chichi his angry mother,Joe his 2nd ulimate ssj bro,Scott Pilgrim the best 24 year old,Nega Scott evil twin of Scott Pilgrim,and other allies,gohan his ssj2 brother,and goten his ssj brother.

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